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Holiday On Grandma’s Farm Published

I have just published ‘Holiday On Grandma’s Farm’, a short story of one of my childhood experiences when I had one of many holidays on my Grandma’s farm.

Experience the awe and wonder of a child who lives in a town in the early 1960’s and has a holiday on his Grandma’s farm way out in the bush. What strange things will he see? What things will he do that are just not done in town? Milking cows, making butter, emptying the toilet and more. Maybe you will reflect on some of your childhood experiences as you read this story.

It’s free on most major on-line retailers (except Amazon. Sorry, they don’t do free.) It may not be available yet on some sites as I only just uploaded it. Have a read and I hope it gives you some pleasure as you remember some experience of your own.

Short Stories Available

Two short stories that I wrote for competitions and have been judged, are now available for purchase on the major eBook retail sites. They are “Ulysses’ Great Adventure” and “The Love Particle“.

“Ulysses’ Great Adventure” centres around a sea adventure that Ulysses has as part of his commission of discovery. It draws heavily on Greek mythology but based in the age of modern people.

“The Love Particle” has Rorkon obsessed in finding the fundamental particle for emotions. He finds it but with disastrous consequences.

ulysses-great-adventure         the-love-particle

I hope that any of you who do read the stories enjoy them.