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Centauri Now Available in Paperback

My new book Centauri is now available in paperback format at

The next instalment of the ‘Reach for the Stars’ Trilogy. Ethan takes a team to the Centauri star system and they discover habitable planets. Hu takes a Chinese wormhole portal with. A virus starts killing the people who have been infected on Chariclo, one of the planets. Jade is one of them. Can a cure be produced before Jade dies and devastates Ethan forever. What is the mystery behind the virus?

It is also available in all eBook formats.

The first book in the series, ftl, is available in paperback as well.

Centauri Now Available As Ebook

Centauri, the next instalment in the “Reach For The Stars” series, tracing the adventures of Ethan Richards as humanity starts exploring the nearby stars, is now available at all major online eBook stores. A paperback edition is coming soon for those who like the feel of paper when they read.

Centauri Available For Pre-Orders

Centauri to be released 9th December 2017.

Centauri, the next instalment of the ‘Reach For The Stars’ Trilogy has been posted on Smashwords for pre-orders. It will be released on 9th December 2017. Get your eBook before Christmas and find out what adventure Ethan embarks on next over the holiday break.

P.S. If you haven’t read the first instalment yet, there’s a special deal on ftl for a short time also. Only on Smashwords, but you will find the format that suits your reader there.

ftl Published


My first book ‘ftl’ has just been published on Smashwords and should be on other major on-line retailer sites soon.

The short synopsis is:

Ethan Richards develops a warp bubble drive to travel faster than the speed of light. He builds a spaceship because he needs to go to Iapetus, a moon of Saturn, to get the element Astatine for the drive to work. Loki, a business mogul, finds out about the deposit and wants to own it himself. He builds a ship also. Ethan and Loki are in a race to Iapetus. Who will get there first?

Read more on my website or go to Smashwords and download a free sample. Hopefully you will be interested enough to buy it.


Iapetus is a moon of Saturn. It has two unusual properties. One hemisphere is much darker than the other. The current theory as to why this is, is that there is thawing and freezing of water on the moon and the ice preferentially has moved from one hemisphere to another over a period of time. The unusual anomaly is used in the book ftl to indicate a rare element (Astatine) has been deposited on it. This was from a long past passage of our solar system through a nebulous cloud that has deposited the element on the moon, only one hemisphere facing the front of the cloud. That’s what science fiction is all about.

The other usual property is that there is an equatorial ridge around the moon.