Short Stories

A collection of short stories that you can download at your leisure are available on this page. The stories reflect thoughts that I have developed on various topics. I hope that you like them. Click on the download button to download the story for free.

The Love Particle

In the Love Particle Rorkon is obsessed with discovering the Emoton, a fundamental particle that is the source of human emotions, much to Scythia’s annoyance, especially when he is using up their life savings in search of it. After much heartache and many failed attempts, he finally detects it…but at what cost?

Holiday On Grandma’s Farm

Holiday on Grandma’s Farm is a memoir about a stay at my Grandma’s farm when I was a child.

Experience the awe and wonder of a child who lives in a town in the early 1960’s and has a holiday on his Grandma’s farm way out in the bush. What strange things will he see? What things will he do that are just not done in town? Milking cows, making butter, emptying the toilet and more. Maybe you will reflect on some of your childhood experiences as you read this story.

Ulysses’ Great Adventure

Ulysses’ Great Adventure tells the story of one of Ulysses’ adventures as he struggles with the elements, his emotions and the gods to complete his king’s commission.

Beggar Woman

Beggar Woman is a short story I wrote about a woman who is not who she pretends to be. Don’t we all have our facades in public?