The Dark Ages 

How would you survive if everything electrical stopped working… forever.

Seahaven is a quiet, serene coastal town, the leisurely lifestyle an envy to anyone in a busy world. It turns to chaos when a galactic nebula encompasses the earth and brings everything that uses electric to a halt. 


Nelson just wants peace and quiet on his farm. But when the town loses electricity and he seems to be the only one who knows what to do, the town looks to him to help them.   


Lawan works in the city Beretta, but when the city turns to anarchy she has to flee or risk brutality or worse. She treks through the bush, overcoming difficulties and danger to arrive at a new home in Seahaven.


Sebastian’s world of criminal activity grinds to a halt, so he seeks a suitable town to control… Seahaven. 


A nomadic gang comes to town, left in a leadership vacuum, and take it over.

Nelson realises that he must step up and lead the town to get rid of the Nomads if he wants his bucolic existence back…and regain the respect of everyone he loves.

You’ll love the twists and turns in this book as it reaches its deadly climax.

The Dark Ages

When will the dark ages end? Who will survive and who will die? What will life be like…in The Dark Ages?

The book is currently being written and will be published in 2021.

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