Halwendes Redemption Cover Image


Halwende’s Redemption

“Can you help us?”

When two children ask Halwende for help he doesn’t believe they are real, but when they lead him into a civil war…

“I cannot.” They ask too much. It would release too much pain that he wants to forget. 

But when he sees the suffering, he remembers…and knows he must help them and avoid repeating the mistakes of his past. 

Getting drawn into a fight for control of a kingdom, Halwende has to show his compatriots how to really fight, if they really want to win. Betrayed, captured and tortured, he wonders what sort of mess he’s gotten himself into. 

Gaining access to a secret room gives Halwende an idea, but who can he trust?

When his leader is captured and her life is at risk, all seems lost. Time is running out, but he knows what he must do to finally find peace again… 

You’ll love this sci fi adventure as it twists and turns to its conclusion.

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