Reach For The Stars

Join Ethan Richards as humanity reach out to the stars.


Ethan Richards becomes the first human to travel faster that the speed of light.


Ethan Continues his advetures as he travels to the nearest star system


Ethan concludes his adventures at the star Tau Ceti.

Zodiac Series

Follow Alex Warner as he investigates crime and mysteries across the galaxy.


Alex stumbles on a conspiracy while chasing a serial killer across the stars.

Halwende’s Legacy

Where is Halwende really from? What is his legacy?

Halwendes Redemption Cover Image

Halwende's Redemption

He must save her people to redeem his soul.

Other Stories

The Dark Ages

What would you do if the world suddenly lost electricity forever?

Short Stories

The Love Particle

Where do emotions come from?

Ulysses' Great Adventure

Follow Ulysses on one of his many adventures.

Beggar Woman

Do we really show other people who we really are?

Holiday On Grandma's Farm.

Childhood memories.