Centauri Now Available As Ebook

Centauri now available as ebook

Centauri is the next instalment in the “Reach For The Stars” series. It traces the adventures of Ethan Richards as humanity starts exploring the nearby stars. Now available at all major online eBook stores. A paperback edition is coming soon for those who like the feel of paper when they read.

Centauri Available For Pre-Orders

Centauri to be released 9th December 2017.

Centauri, the next instalment of the ‘Reach For The Stars’ Trilogy has been posted on Smashwords for pre-orders. It will be released on 9th December 2017. Get your eBook before Christmas and find out what adventure Ethan embarks on next over the holiday break.

P.S. If you haven’t read the first instalment yet, there’s a special deal on ftl for a short time also. Only on Smashwords, but you will find the format that suits your reader there.

I Did It! – The 2017 M2M Challenge Run

I Did It! - The 2017 M2M Challenge Run

I did it! – The M2M Challenge Run in Wollongong this morning. The run is up Mt Keira and across to Mt Kembla – 13.6 km long and up 469m. Unofficially completed the run in just under 92 minutes. Not bad for an old fart’s first time!

New Short Story – Beggar Woman

New Short Story - Beggar Woman

Have just released a new short story called ‘Beggar Woman’. It’s only a thousand words. Hope those of you who read it like the story. Download it as a pdf from my website – Click to View

Also available free online in any format at the usual places.

Scorpius Now Available As Paperback

Scorpius Now Available As Paperback

My novel ‘Scorpius’ is now available in paperback form at Amazon.com. Read more for a profile of the story.

A murder occurs on Caerus. Mysterious symbols appear at the crime scene, left by the perpetrator. Alex Warner must find the killer, so rising tension between the Cetusians and Humans in the Galactic Confederation cool. He must work with a female Cetusian, the worst of both worlds, in his opinion. Alex also meets Chooli, a more enchanting one. He quickly finds himself on the trail of a serial killer, but how are the victims selected?

Ahiga discovers his now dead father led a secret life as part of a clandestine organization, an organization whose members die at an alarming rate to prevent disclosure of a conspiracy of galactic proportions.

Alex and Ahiga find themselves joining forces to solve the murder and prevent a galactic catastrophe.

Can they find the murderer? Can they stop the conspiracy in time? What is Scorpius?

Scorpius Published

Scorpius Published

John Wegener just published his new book ‘Scorpius’ on Smashwords. It is a science fiction murder and conspiracy mystery with a little romance thrown in. It is also available from your favourite ebook download site (iBooks. Kindle, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.) in a few days time.

Read the story summary for the book on my website.

I hope that those who purchase the book enjoy reading it. Please take the time to write a review or comment about it. Tell a friend so they can enjoy reading it as well.

Holiday On Grandma’s Farm Published

Holiday On Grandma's Farm Published

I have just published ‘Holiday On Grandma’s Farm’, a short story of one of my childhood experiences when I had one of many holidays on my Grandma’s farm.

Experience the awe and wonder of a child who lives in a town in the early 1960’s and has a holiday on his Grandma’s farm way out in the bush. What strange things will he see? What things will he do that are just not done in town? Milking cows, making butter, emptying the toilet and more. Maybe you will reflect on some of your childhood experiences as you read this story.

It’s free on most major on-line retailers (except Amazon. Sorry, they don’t do free.) It may not be available yet on some sites as I only just uploaded it. Have a read and I hope it gives you some pleasure as you remember some experience of your own.

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