Save The Cat Writes A Novel

Save The Cat Writes A Novel

I just finished reading ‘Save The Cat Writes a Novel’ by Jessica Brody. It is a must read book for any writer of fiction stories. Save the Cat is a method of story telling developed by Blake Snyders for screenplay.

The book describes the distinct beats or elements that all good stories have. She details where they usually occur in a novel, providing a roadmap for developing your story. Jessica also analyses several well known successful books, showing where the beat elements are in the story. The books she analyses are from different genres or story types to illustrate the method across a vast range of stories.

‘Save The Cat Writes A Novel’ has helped me improve my story writing. I can see where my stories are lacking in structure and how to make them more compelling and interesting. Whether you’re a planner or a panser, the book will help you improve your story writing.

Jessica also shows how to pull together quick and compelling loglines and synopses for your story using the same ‘Save The Cat’ methodology.

The book is well written, keeping my interest the whole way through. I recommend reading this book to improve your story telling or just out of interest in story structure. You can go to the Save The Cat website to find out more about the methodology.

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John’s Blog – Blackhole Image

By Event Horizon Telescope –

Scientists have produced the first image of a black hole. The Event Horizon Telescope released an image of a super massive blackhole at the core of the elliptical galaxy M87 on 10th April 2019. It is 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun. The image shows a bright ring, formed as light bends in the intense gravity around the black hole. This confirms the predictions from Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The theory predicts the existence of black holes and the presence of light halos around them.

Computers collected a vast amount of data from several telescopes across the globe, synchronising the time of collection. The scientists then integrated the data to produce the final image seen above.

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Halwende’s Redemption Available as Ebook

Halwende's Redemption available as ebook.

Halwende’s Redemption is now available as an ebook.

Halwende is alone…or is he? Two children suddenly appear and ask for help. He soon finds himself embroiled in a war all too similar to the one he is trying to forget. In the end he must save Princess Adala from Emperor Egon’s clutches to restore the kingdom to its proper rulers and redeem himself of past failings.

Books Available Half Price On Smashwords in July

Books Available Half Price

Hi everyone. Just letting you all know that my ebooks (ftl, Centauri and Scorpius) book are available half price in July when purchased from Smashwords. So, if you want a bargain and a good read, go to Smashwords and buy one now (or two or three).

Centauri Now Available in Paperback

My new book Centauri is now available in paperback format at

The next instalment of the ‘Reach for the Stars’ Trilogy. Ethan takes a team to the Centauri star system and they discover habitable planets. Hu takes a Chinese wormhole portal with. A virus starts killing infected people on Chariclo, one of the planets. Jade is one of them. Can a cure be produced before Jade dies and devastates Ethan forever. What is the mystery behind the virus?

It is also available in all eBook formats.

The first book in the series, ftl, is available in paperback as well.

Centauri Now Available As Ebook

Centauri now available as ebook

Centauri is the next instalment in the “Reach For The Stars” series. It traces the adventures of Ethan Richards as humanity starts exploring the nearby stars. Now available at all major online eBook stores. A paperback edition is coming soon for those who like the feel of paper when they read.

Centauri Available For Pre-Orders

Centauri to be released 9th December 2017.

Centauri, the next instalment of the ‘Reach For The Stars’ Trilogy has been posted on Smashwords for pre-orders. It will be released on 9th December 2017. Get your eBook before Christmas and find out what adventure Ethan embarks on next over the holiday break.

P.S. If you haven’t read the first instalment yet, there’s a special deal on ftl for a short time also. Only on Smashwords, but you will find the format that suits your reader there.

I Did It! – The 2017 M2M Challenge Run

I Did It! - The 2017 M2M Challenge Run

I did it! – The M2M Challenge Run in Wollongong this morning. The run is up Mt Keira and across to Mt Kembla – 13.6 km long and up 469m. Unofficially completed the run in just under 92 minutes. Not bad for an old fart’s first time!

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