Zodiac Series

Zodiac Science Fiction Crime

The Zodiac series is a collection of twelve science fiction stories where Alex Warner and Chooli solve crimes with their combined resources.

It begin with Scorpius, where Alex solves a mysterious murder with the help of Chooli, who he meets. They both intrigue each other and she is interested in him, but can Alex over come his fear and prejudice?

Alex, employed by Ahiga to stay on Caerus, encounters sophisticated crimes and situations. Chooli assists him in solving them. They tango their relationship as they investigate the crimes together. They are a good team, but will their relationship hold? how can he live on Caerus, when have equal prejudice towards him as he initially had for them.

They encounter baffling cases together in the Zodiac series of science fiction crime. Each case has a sign of the zodiac as its trademark.

Libra is the next book in the series. They investigate a murder on Delta Pavonis, but who is the murderer and why where the people killed.

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