The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

How would you survive if all electricity, including batteries, suddenly didn’t work? The Dark Ages explores what it might be like through the eyes of a retired and reclusive engineer.

Malerischethal is a quiet, serene coastal town, the leisurely lifestyle an envy to anyone in a busy world. It turns to chaos when a galactic dust cloud encompasses the earth and brings everything that uses electric to a halt.


Nelson, an engineer, just wants peace and quiet on his farm. His daughter, Rachel, convinces him to help as the town spirals into anarchy. Cholera sweeps through the town because of sewage in the streets, killing half the population. Also, there is no reticulated water. Nelson and Rachel bring the sewage system back on line to drain the sewage out to sea and bring water back to the town.

They meet Leroy and rally the town behind his leadership, despite resistance from the existing mayor. Market days are organised, where farmer exchange produce for other essential items. The mayor shoots Nelson, blaming him for his loss of power. Surviving the injury, Nelson leaves civilisation to think. He encounters a cat in a cave and fights it to the death.


Lawan works as a graphic designer in Kronstadt, but she has to flea the city when the power goes out. She treks across country and stumbles on Nelson injured in the cave. Mending his wounds, she helps him back to his farm and stays.


Sebastian’s world of criminal activity grinds to a halt, so he seeks a suitable town to control and picks Malerischethal. He set off in his yacht, but a storm shipwrecks him. He finally reaches the town and initiates his plan to take it over. Resistance drives him to desperation and he kidnaps Rachel to get Nelson’s submission. Lawan uses her skills to rescue her.

A nomadic mob comes to town, but Lawan is called on again to get rid of them.

The Dark Ages

When will the dark ages end? Who will survive and who will die? What will life be like…in The Dark Ages?

The book is currently being written and will be published in 2020.