Ethan Richards dreams of reaching the stars. He builds the warp bubble drive to travel faster than light, but almost kills himself in the process. Finally succeeding, he continues to engineer a drive for a spaceship. The drive requires Astatine, the rarest element on earth, but prevalent on Iapetus, one of the moons of the Saturn. Ethan makes Iapetus his destination, to secure a plentiful supply of the material.



Loki Mason is a business mogul, always on the lookout for new ways of increasing his wealth and power. Finding out about the Astatine deposit on the moon and its value for the future of space, he schemes to lay claim to the material and monopolise its supply. He infiltrates Ethan’s team with a saboteur to delay Ethan’s project, giving Loki time to prepare.




ftl – faster than light. Possession means power



Ethan and Loki race to Saturn to claim the Astatine deposit and secure the future of space travel. Both Ethan and Loki arrive around Iapetus at the same time. Being warned to stand down to allow Loki to take possession, Ethan speeds ahead to land on the moon first and secure the supply. The stakes are high and Ethan must win, but who will prevail and at what cost?



ftl – faster than light is the beginning of man’s ventures into the galaxy and beyond.



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