Newly married Ethan Richards’s life couldn’t be better, or could it? He still dreams of reaching for the stars…again.

Scientists discover a mysterious star map on a cave wall, luring Ethan and his team to Tau Ceti. When Loki Mason demands to be involved, Ethan refuses him and races to reach the star before Loki can.

On arriving at Tau Ceti, Ethan is confronted by a sentient being, who tells him how humanity ultimately evolved. By accidentally activating a black stela in the alien’s compound, Ethan discovers a portal gateway between universes, across branes. Would Ethan risk using it to find out what is at the other end?

Ceti – Our Destiny?

When Loki finds out about the sentient being, he hijacks a new hyperdrive ship to reach Tau Ceti quickly. Forcing Ethan to take him to the alien, his thirst for wealth and power drives him to find a way of making a deal with the alien at any cost. After a rescue is attempted to free them from Loki, Jade Richards lies close to death. Ethan must take Jade through the portal to save her. But is the sentient telling the truth about the portal? Will Ethan risk his own life to save Jade’s?

Ceti completes the ‘Reach For The Stars’ adventure.

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