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Ethan Richards puts together a new team to explore the Alpha Centauri star system with the new warp bubble drive spaceship. All goes well at first, as they see new planets with ecosystems never before viewed by human eyes. The team explore Chariclo, one of the planets, in detail, finding new plants and animals to study.

A geological expedition discovers a closed off cave. Opening the entrance, they venture inside, stopping in their tracks when they see humanoid skeletons lined up on the floor of the cave. Who were these people, where did they come from and what killed them? Unaware of the presence of a deadly virus in the cave, the people on the planet get headaches and start dying from the virus – all except Ethan. Why is he immune?

Centauri – The fate of humanity is at stake

Jade Powers succumbs to the virus and Ethan and the others race against time to find a cure before she dies. A sample of the virus needs to go back to Earth to develop a cure. Is it safe? The virus is rushed through the wormhole back to laboratories on Earth so a remedy can be manufactured. Will a cure get it back to Ethan in time to save Jade from certain death?

Centauri continues the science fiction adventure where ftl leaves off.

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