Reach For The Stars Trilogy

Reach For The Stars Cover Image

Ethan Richards wants to reach for the stars. It is always what he wanted to do. When he develops the warp bubble drive, he realises that…maybe he can.

The drive needs Astatine the rarest element on Earth. And someone else finds out it’s value…

Can Ethan secure the supply before others do…at what cost?

Alpha Centauri is the nearest star to Earth and Ethan travels there with a hand picked team on the new warp bubble drive spaceship – Destiny. When he discovers a planet with mysterious remains, his team is suddenly at risk from a deadly virus, including Jade. Can they find a cure in time to save her?

What is the virus and where did it come from? What is it’s connection to humanity in the past?

Venturing on to Tau Ceti, they meet an unexpected resident with a mysterious stela on the planet Caerus.

When others want the alien for their own reasons, a deadly battle ensues, lethally injuring Jade. Can Ethan save Jade in time?

Has Ethan been challenged enough by his dream? Is he ready for new challenges ahead?

A hard science fiction adventure that entertains, this sci-fi box set includes:-

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