Halwende’s Redemption

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Halwende seeks Redemption for past mistakes is the first instalment in the Halwende’s Legacy trilogy.

Halwende is a galactic trader. He crash lands on a planet that shouldn’t be there. To make matters worse, he is alone…or is he? Two children confront him one day, who lead him to a city where Princess Adala is at war with Emperor Egon. She is battling to regain the power Egon has taken from her father, while staying out from Egon’s clutches. Egon must marry Adala to legitimise his rule and cement his hold on the realm.

When asked to help, Halwende initially can’t, because of the dark secret he hides, even from himself. But when he sees the tyranny of Egon and the suffering of the people, he can’t refuse Adala and joins her fight. Sentinel, Adala’s uncle, is sceptical of Halwende’s usefulness, but Halwende leads her forces with proactive attacks instead of the defence they previously used. His success in ransacking an armoury attracts jealousy and opposition.

Spies and traitors within the resistance movement betray him to Egon for their own gain. He is captured and tortured before escaping with the imprisoned king’s help, only to be betrayed again and confined to a forced work camp. Halwende is frantic when Adala is captured and escapes the camp. Time is running out as Egon prepares for the wedding. Halwende and Sentinel must save her or die trying. Can he trust anyone to help him save Adala? Halwende must find redemption to save his soul, but will he succeed…?

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