Halwende’s Legacy

Halwende's Legacy Trilogy Redemption

Halwende’s Legacy – Redemption

Halwende’s Legacy tells the story of Halwende and his return to where he belongs. The three part adventure with Halwende crash-landing on a supposed deserted plant. It is not, and Halwende must help Princess Adala regain her fathers realm, who Egon has usurped from him. The pain from his past haunts him, but he helps anyway. He finally kills Egon and saves Adala’s father. Finding himself drawn to Adala, he must decide whether to stay on Helheim or leave.


Halwende returns to Eridu to establish trade links with Adala’s realm. He researches the library there to find out the secret behind the mysterious source of energy on Helheim. Someone from the past recognises him and he must avoid capture to survive. Discovering the secret, he realises the immense power Helmheim has and must protect the secret at all cost for Adala to benefit from it. He escapes Eridu and purchases a spaceship, returning to Helheim and Adala, but he is outlawed in Eridu. Adala has her wish granted by finally flying in space.


The third book in the trilogy starts with Halwende determined to make things right on Eridu, much to Adala’s consternation. He returns to Eridu and finds allies from the past. With their help, he reforms the resistance he abandoned long ago. They fight the current dictator for control, but he fights back using the same tactics he used to defeat Halwende previously. Halwende finds a weakness and attacks, finally overthrowing the dictator, but at what cost? He must return to Adala, but is dying. Will Adala see him again? What accolade will he receive from Eridu? Can he re-unite Eridu with Helheim? Is Halwende a god or is it all a dream after all?

The rest of the story is in the pipeline. Click on the images above to navigate to the page for each book in the series as they are published.