Science Fiction Books by John Wegener

The pages under this menu contain information about the science fiction books I have written. A brief description of the story and links to your favourite main book retailer are provided for published books. Books I am currently writing, or intend to write, also have a brief description. Watch this site for updates and other information on these and other books.

Most of my titles are stories as a part of book series.

The first series I am writing is ‘Reach For The Stars’. The series explores humanity in its first stages of faster than light travel, as it explores the nearby stars. It follows the adventures of Ethan Richards, as he develops and uses his Warp Bubble drive to reach for the stars. I am currently writing Ceti, the last instalment of the trilogy.

Scorpius is the first book in the Zodiac series of twelve stories involving Alex Warner and Chooli, as they solve crimes across the galaxy together. The first crime-solving adventure is Scorpius, where they stop a galactic conspiracy against Chooli’s Cetusian race.

Halwende’s Redemption is the first instalment of the ‘Halwende’s Legacy’ trilogy, which sees Halwende’s return from exile to his proper place in his empire. The first instalment sees Halwende redeeming himself as he helps Princess Adala regain her father’s throne.

‘The Dark Ages’, a stand-alone book, explores a dystopian world suddenly needing to survive without electricity.

‘Entering Oblivion’ is the first in the Oblivion Series, which explores a universe collapsing into a universal black hole and what one might see and experience on the other side of the event horizon. I intend writing this in the future.