Gatacus Todd

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Who Is Gatacus Todd?

Gatacus Todd has a shell of cynicism and dark humour but with a caring and gentle heart of gold for people who deserve it.

When he doesn’t have a case, he lives on a space station called Cyrus orbiting the planet Chandra V somewhere in the galaxy. His favourite haunt is the Olympic Bar as you will find out, the place to go if you want to find him for your unusual situations.

He was once a detective working for the Galactic Investigative Authority, but became disillusioned with what he saw as too much corruption and incompetence.

He now works as a private investigator, having a reputation for solving usual and baffling cases.

Somewhere along the way, he picked up a woman called Giselle who acts as his co-pilot and engineer for his spaceship, something else he picked up along the way. She can do just about anything, leaving Gatacus alone to do what he does best – Investigate.

That tells you a little about Gatacus.

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