Ion Drives

Ion Drives  Find out more about Halwende's Redemption Check out my facebook page for other useful information including my Alien Landscapes images.facebookI want to talk about different drives for space transport in this blog. In particular, I want to talk about...

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Marketing for Authors

I have just read a load of information on marketing for indie-authors over the last month or so. I've found out how much I'm doing wrong. Now for the slow road of repair and moving forward. But that's what life and learning is all about, isn't it. My website is slowly...

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Showing and Telling

Show, don't Tell (and really getting it) is a book written by Janice Hardy. She describes the problems with telling in stories in the book in detail. She looks into telling in sentences, paragraphs and whole scenes and offers tips on changing the text to showing...

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Save The Cat Writes A Novel

I just finished reading 'Save The Cat Writes a Novel' by Jessica Brody. It is a must read book for any writer of fiction stories. Save the Cat is a method of story telling developed by Blake Snyders for screenplay. The book describes the distinct beats or elements...

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John’s Blog – Blackhole Image

By Event Horizon Telescope - Scientists have produced the first image of a black hole. The Event Horizon Telescope released an image of a super massive blackhole at the core of the elliptical galaxy M87 on 10th April 2019....

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