John Wegener Portrait

John Wegener

After 34 years as a Process Engineering in the steel industry, John Wegener now write science fiction.

Growing up in Lobethal in South Australia, I studied at the local primary school and high school in Adelaide.  Attending Adelaide University, I completed a degree in Chemical Engineering.

I spent 13 years working as a Process Engineer at the steelworks in Whyalla, South Australia. Moving to Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, I provided process engineering for installing and modifying steel strip processing lines both in Australia and overseas. Sites included places in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kenya, China and India, and many other countries in the process. Leaving that industry after almost 22 years, I now write, still living in Wollongong with my wife and family although my daughter has married and lives nearby.

Being an avid reader, I read almost anything. I especially enjoy science fiction and fantasy. So I now write, drawing on my many experiences in my working career. They have been many and incredible at times! There have also been many other experiences to draw on. Some are funny and interesting.

Cosmology, general relativity and quantum physics intrigue me. There seem to be new concepts and understanding continually developing in these fields.

I have dreamed of flying to the stars since I was a child, looking up at the Milky Way on a moonless and cloudless winter’s night, wondering what was out there.

Please contact me with your feedback and suggestions on any of my stories. Your review of any of my books is always appreciated. Use my Contact Me page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on.