John Wegener Portrait

John Wegener


Hi. Welcome to my Website. I love Science Fiction. I gaze into space, at the immense human potential, and so I dream, and write about what I dream. Find out more.



Travel with Ethan Richards as he reaches for the stars.


Join Ethan Richards as he continues his adventures by traveling to Alpha Centauri.


Join Ethan Richards as he comcludes his adventures by traveling to Tau Ceti. Humanity may have originated in a way that changes our perceptions of the universe.

Libra (Zodiac Series Book 2)

Who murdered the Duke and Duchess of Lorraine and why?


Scorpius (Zodiac Series Book 1)

A conspiracy in racial extermination.

Reach For The Stars Box Set

We can travel faster than light… We can now Reach For The Stars.

Halwendes Redemption Cover Image

Halwende’s Redemption

How are they connected?