Detective Alex Warner investigates the murder of the Caerus’ Cetusian Ambassador to the Galactic Confederation. Mysterious symbols written on a scrap of paper at the scene of the crime must be a clue but what? Other previous murders also have scraps of paper with similar symbols on them as clues. Alex realises these are the calling cards from a serial killer, but what do the symbols mean – and the killer is continuing his handiwork as the symbols count down.

Ahiga, the dead Ambassador’s son, is devastated by his father’s murder. As he sifts through his father’s possessions, he finds evidence of a clandestine organisation with the aim of replacing the governments of Cetusian controlled planets with human overlords. Agents for the organisation are cleaning up loose ends including Ahiga, forcing him to enter a game of cat and mouse to prevent being captured or worse. Ahiga and Alex cross paths with uncanny frequency, much to Alex’s annoyance.

Chooli, a Cetusian woman, meets Alex in the hotel bar where he is staying, and they are instantly enchanted with each other. Their relationship slowly intensifies and grows as they parry each other’s personalities, despite Alex’s prejudice of Cetusians and his reluctance, due to a betrayal in a previous serious relationship. Chooli finally dares to take Alex to meet her family.

Can Alex apprehend the killer before any more murders are perpetrated? Can the conspiracy be stopped in time? Can Alex overcome his emotions and risk a true meaningful relationship again? What will Chooli’s family think of him – a human?

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